Why You Should Select a Storage Facility That Uses Mobile Technology

It can be very challenging to select a storage facility from the huge variety available in most areas. However, your options can narrow down considerably if you use technology as a yardstick for sifting through those storage facilities. This article discusses the most important mobile technology features that you should look for in a storage facility that you wish to rent a unit from.

The Move-In Procedure is Convenient

Mobile technology takes the hassle out of obtaining and moving into a storage unit. You can use your mobile device, such as a smart phone, to reserve and pay for the storage facility. The management can send you an access code so that you can move your belongings into the storage unit at a time that is convenient for you. Such technologies reduce the need to visit the offices of the storage facility when you want to rent space for your belongings.

Sending of Payment Reminders to Your Phone

The demands of modern living can fill up you time, to the extent that you may forget to meet certain obligations, such as paying the rent of a long-term storage unit. A storage facility that has a mobile-friendly website can send a payment reminder to your phone when your rent is due. Such a service can save you from some unpleasant consequences of forgetting to pay on time, such as incurring a surcharge on late payments.

Instant Communication Via Two-Way Messaging

The emergence of internet-based communication avenues, such as Skype and WhatsApp has brought down the cost of communication considerably. It is therefore advisable for you to select a storage facility that has avenues for you to communicate instantly with the management using your mobile device. Such a provision can come in handy when you would like to send someone to pick something up from your storage unit for you. All that you would to do is to alert the management about the person that you are sending. The management can give you instant feedback about their position regarding your request. They can even give you a verification code to give that person so that he or she can be granted access to your storage unit.

As you can see, you are better off renting storage space from a facility that has upgraded to mobile-friendly technology. Find out which storage facilities have the features above and select the one that will enable you to have the best customer experience based on how much mobile technology has been integrated in their service delivery systems.

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