How You Can Deal With The Noises Produced By Your Water Pump

Most electronic equipment that use electric motors tend to make noises when they are operating, and the case is no different when it comes to water pumps. While some of the sounds produced by water pumps are normal, they can be a nuisance at times, especially when they become very loud. Here are tips on how you can diagnose your pump noises and how you can reduce the impact of the sounds.


Water pump noises can be classified into two categories: normal and abnormal noises. Normal noises include the humming noise produced by the running motor and water pipes connected to the pump. So if these are the kinds of noises you are experiencing, there is no cause for alarm. Clicking sounds generated by turning the pump on and off are also normal. But a humming sound coming from the pressure control switch of the pump switch is not good news; the sound may signal that there is a stuck relay switch.  

Abnormal noises are noises that you simply can't tolerate. They include clunking noises around the pump, banging, and rattling noises. If the clunk sound is produced when you are starting the pump, it implies that the relay switch is failing. It could also mean that there is a lose connection of the pipes; so when the pump starts suddenly, it generates a shock that forces the pipes to produce the clunk sound.

You also have a problem if there is a change of sound from loud to quiet. If the pump is running and the change occurs, stop the pump; otherwise you risk destroying it. The change of sound indicates that the pump is filled with air instead of water.

Reduce The Impact Of The Sounds

Other than seeking the services of a technician, there is not much you can do if the sounds are generated as a result of mechanical failure. However, you can try to reduce the impact of the noises in your house.

If the pump is located indoors, the sound (normal or abnormal) it produces can get travel across your house through two mediums; the walls and the air. Hence you can limit the impact of the noise by preventing the travel of sound through these mediums. For instance, you can try to add more layers of drywall; add the layers to either double or triple the size of the drywall.

If the pump is located outside and the noise is still affecting you, you can try to insulate the pump with soundproofing materials like fiberglass. Do not insulate the pump with fiberglass if the pump is indoors. With poor circulation of air indoors, the pump may result in condensation which may in turn lead to mold problems. 

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