What to Discuss With a Town Planner Before Developing a New Subdivision or Complex

It's not unusual for developers to buy up large plots of land that will accommodate an entirely new subdivision or an apartment complex. Before you plan such a development, you want to consult with a town planner. This type of professional works with a local city or town council to recommend changes that need be undertaken by the city in order to address various problems or encourage growth; note what is meant by that and how a town planner can help you if you're a developer looking to take on an extensive project.

Proposal for public buildings

When new residents move into an area, they may not want to go very far to reach a local post office; they also may not want police to be delayed during an emergency. A town planner works with you to decide the public buildings you might need in the area of your development if you're unsure of which might appeal to future residents; for example, a library can be needed if your subdivision will appeal to families with children, as they may need to do research there that they cannot find online. A town planner can then recommend to a city or town council that public buildings be erected in certain areas and staffed with necessary public servants.

Zoning laws

New residential builds often attract shops, gas stations and other such retail establishments that are needed by residents. However, the area you want to develop or nearby areas may not be zoned for retail establishments. A town planner can work with you to note which areas might be most desirable for such businesses and then also work to get them rezoned as needed; in turn, you'll attract those retail stores that will make your new subdivision or complex more desirable to those looking for convenient locations to shop.

Public parks

Having a public park near your new subdivision or apartment complex can mean that families have a place to take their children, people have a safe place to jog and so on. This can make your complex or subdivision very desirable to new tenants or buyers and also keep you from having to set aside an area of your development for a park. You also would not need to maintain a public park as this would be done through the city or town council. A town planner can recommend new public parks be built in certain areas and also recommend the features they would include; playground equipment for areas with lots of families, a jogging trail for young professionals looking to stay in shape and the like.

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