Benefits of a Truck Mounted Attenuator for Small Truck Fleets

Owning your own rescue and recovery truck fleet means choosing the right equipment for your fleet size. This means considering your budget, your options and looking to the future for repair costs should your equipment experience issues. One of your key purchases will be an attenuator to alert drivers to avoid your trucks while they are working. You may want to go with a simple trailer attachment set-up, but this may not be the ideal choice. If you are trying to keep your fleet size in mind, you may want to consider a truck mounted attenuator option and here are a few reasons why.

Refurbishment Benefits

Unfortunately, one of the key things an attenuator is there for, beyond warning drivers of your presence, is to absorb the impact if a car does cause an accident. This means that you will need to have your attenuator refurbished. This means not only a cost for the refurbishment, but also for the downtime you would be without that attenuator or the truck as a whole. A truck mounted attenuator means, when damage occurs, you will only need to replace the cartridge in order to keep the electronics of the attenuator working. Though other repairs may be necessary, you will not need extensive electronics work to get the attenuator back on the road.

Impact Range

When you think of a vehicle collision, you likely think about how the cars involved may move across lanes of traffic due to the impact. They may swerve into other lanes, cause additional accidents or, if the road is small, go into oncoming traffic. With a truck mounted attenuator you avoid these issues. Truck mounted options are designed to prevent the vehicles from angling into the other lanes and keep them in the travel lane to avoid further accidents and injuries. This can be a huge benefit to prevent liability issues and even harm to your own workers.

Mounting Benefits

When you hear truck mounted, you may be wondering if you only have one mounting option. This may or may not be an issue depending on the types of trucks you have in your work fleet. You also may find yourself adding trucks to the fleet later that have different mounting issues from your current trucks. A truck mounted attenuator generally has multiple mounting options to fit the many truck types and models you may have or have in the future. This can be very cost effective for your company since you can choose the same general truck mounted attenuators for your entire fleet instead of a few from one manufacturer and a few from others that may have much different pricing.

There are multiple benefits of using truck mounted attenuators. In order to view the multiple options available to you, and get pricing information, you should consider making an evaluation appointment with your local attenuator dealer.

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