Tips On Improving Productivity In Your House Painting Services Business

When you are running a house painting services business, you're working in a very competitive field; that's why it crucial that you get the very best from your workers.

Here are some proven methods of improving productivity for the benefit of both your business and your staff.

Employee accountability

All individuals working for your company must be made aware that they are accountable for their actions and decisions.  It is not acceptable to merely blame someone else for personal shortcomings.  A culture of this sort leads to conflict, laziness and poor overall performance. 


Be prepared to follow-up on every job, whether your staff are providing a roof painting service for a company premise or house painting for a domestic client.

This will help you to gauge whether your timescales were reasonable so as to allow the work to be carried out thoroughly without cutting corners just to meet deadlines.  Following up will also help keep staff focused and will ensure that their effort and input remains consistent throughout the duration of the task.

Avoid micro-management

The larger your workforce, the more direction, supervision and management will be required.  But you must also allow your employees the freedom to work in their own individual style and trust them to carry out their roles without breathing down their necks at every turn.

Avoiding micro-management of your staff will encourage them to think for themselves which in turn promotes a greater feeling of worth and motivation.  This will result in a natural improvement in morale and an enthusiastic and satisfied workforce.

Motivation, reward, recognition and encouragement

It's a fact that staff perform better and are prepared to "go the extra mile" for a boss who makes them feel appreciated and valued.  Think of innovative ways to achieve this and implement them.  For example, good results have been achieved through offering performance related bonuses at Christmas time as a reward for a good year's input to the company.

If an employee feels that they are taken for granted and that their hard work and effort goes unnoticed, they will soon start seeking another position with a different company where their talents will be more obviously appreciated.

Job satisfaction

Employees perform better if they are happy in their work.  As the boss, it's down to you to ensure that the work is interesting and challenging, not boring.  Job rotation is a good strategy to adopt where you can.  Providing staff with a new challenge and an opportunity to learn new skills is a very effective way of keeping them interested in their work.  You will also find this strategy beneficial in the long term as multi-skilled staff members will be able to assist with holiday and sickness cover.

Training and self-improvement opportunities

Most employees will welcome the opportunity to develop their existing skills through training sponsored by their employer.  This adds to their resume and gives them the option to progress within your company.  Such a strategy also provides you with better trained, more highly skilled staff.

In conclusion

When you're operating a business in the highly competitive field of house painting services, you can give your company the edge over your rivals by using the tips given above to improve the productivity of your staff. 

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