House Demolition: Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Renovating Your Home

Demolishing a part of your home to make way for renovations and structural additions can be a great way of revamping your home and giving it a fresh look. However, like any other demolition project, there are various things that you need to take into account to ensure that your project is not curtailed before completion. Also, it is essential to make sure that you undertake demolitions in a careful manner to avoid environmental pollution. Read on to find out some of the top questions that you should have in mind before undertaking any form of demolition within your property.

Do you need a demolition permit? 

The local authorities may require you to obtain a permit before undertaking any demolitions in your home. The kind of permits required may be determined by the type of property, the extent of the demolitions, and the location of your home. Sometimes you may not need a permit at all. Before commencing the work, check with the local municipality for the types of permits that you are required to have. Make sure that you apply for them and get approved before starting the work to avoid breaking the law.

Are there any hazardous materials?

If your structure was built before the ban of hazardous materials such as asbestos and lead paint in construction, you may be dealing with either or both of these substances during demolition. Asbestos was commonly used for insulation while lead was found in most of the paints used in older structures. These materials are not only an environmental hazard, but they can also cause health complications when inhaled. Before starting your demolition work, make sure that these materials are not present in your home.

An asbestos and lead inspection by a professional is the only way of ascertaining the presence or absence of these materials within a structure. If the hazardous materials are present, they will be abated to avoid exposure to the environment and inhaled by humans. Make sure that you hire a qualified inspector before demolishing part of an old structure.

How will you manage the waste?

Demolition waste can be dangerous or create an unsightly scene in your outdoor area if it is not managed correctly. Before demolishing a part of your home, make sure that you have figured out a way to deal with the demolition waste. Not all waste materials are meant for the landfill; therefore, you need to identify the materials that should be reused, recycled and disposed of. For instance, metal, cement and timber qualify for recycling and should not be disposed of.

Have these three things figured out before undertaking any demolition in your home. You can also hire a demolition company for professional demolition, hazardous materials abatement and waste management.

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