Answering Your Questions About Having Custom Jewellery Made

Custom jewellery, or jewellery you've had designed and made specifically for you, can be a great choice for an engagement or wedding ring, as a special gift to someone, or for when you want to create a unique family heirloom. If you're thinking of having custom jewellery made, note a few questions you might have about the process and the pieces, and this can tell you if it's the right choice for you.

What is a redesign?

A redesign means taking a current piece of jewellery and creating a new design, or reworking that piece in some way. For example, a ring might be turned into a brooch or a necklace melted down to form a ring.

A redesign is a good choice for a wedding band if you want to add gemstones for each of the children in the marriage. You might also want to incorporate a different metal to make the ring larger and more prominent, or to represent years of marriage. A redesign is also good if you have pieces of jewellery that have been given to you, but which aren't your style or taste; you can have them redesigned into something more of your liking so you can wear them proudly.

How can a jeweller ensure that the end product looks as expected?

A jeweller rarely just carves a piece of jewellery by hand, but will start with a wax model. The wax is shaped and formed into the piece you want, and is then used to create a plaster cast. The metal of jewellery is then poured into this plaster where it hardens and sets, and then gemstones are added as needed. This process allows the jeweller to work on the wax model until it's perfect and exactly what you want, before the piece is actually made.

Is custom jewellery more valuable than standard pieces?

Pricing or valuing jewellery can be a complicated process; this value is often determined by the current value of the metal and gemstones, as well as the age of the piece and its overall appearance. Pieces created by a well-known designer can also be more valuable than others.

However, if the piece you have created isn't especially attractive or has too much personalization, such as an insignia with your name and wedding date, this might detract from its value. If you're considering having custom jewellery made for its resale value in particular, talk to a jewellery designer about the best metals and gemstones to use, and a design that is best for retaining the highest value.

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Custom jewellery, or jewellery you've had designed and made specifically for you, can be a great choice for an engagement or wedding ring, as a specia

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